Auto-GPT is an innovative autonomous AI agent that leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 APIs to autonomously perform tasks given in natural language by breaking them down into sub-tasks and executing them without further user input. Developed by Toran Bruce Richards, it is designed to respond to real-time feedback and handle tasks with long-term outlooks. Users can define the agent’s name, role, and objectives, and suggest methods to achieve these goals. Auto-GPT is capable of internet connectivity for up-to-date information retrieval, remembers past interactions for improved future performance, and can store and organize files for analysis. It is multimodal, accepting both text and image inputs, and is positioned to automate workflows, analyze data, and generate new ideas. However, it faces challenges with staying on task and decomposing tasks effectively, and its practical applications are still being explored. Auto-GPT is open-source and available on GitHub, requiring a paid OpenAI account for use.

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