HARPA AI is a versatile Chrome extension that serves as an automation agent, bringing the power of AI to your browser to streamline a multitude of tasks. It integrates with OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4, ChatGPT, Claude2, and Google Bard to offer a hybrid AI engine that can summarize and reply to emails, rewrite and expand text, and scan web pages for data. With HARPA, users can generate SEO-optimized articles, automate workflows, monitor prices and data, and even create detailed Midjourney prompts. It supports over 100 web-aware commands, allowing for tasks like refining resumes, generating social media hashtags, and writing code. HARPA’s language learning assistant corrects mistakes and builds learning plans, while its web automation capabilities can navigate websites, extract data, and integrate with tools like Zapier. It also offers privacy by design, running locally without sending data away, and is trusted by professionals for its comprehensive capabilities that cater to marketing, SEO, copywriting, productivity, HR, recruiting, and product development.


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