AssemblyAI is a cutting-edge platform that offers a suite of AI-powered speech-to-text and audio intelligence models, enabling developers to build applications that can transcribe, understand, and analyze human speech with remarkable accuracy. The platform’s core transcription service is capable of converting audio and video files into text with human-level precision, thanks to its state-of-the-art Conformer-2 model trained on over 1.1 million hours of audio data. Beyond transcription, AssemblyAI’s audio intelligence capabilities include speaker detection, sentiment analysis, content moderation, and the redaction of personally identifiable information (PII). The introduction of LeMUR, a new model for building large language model (LLM) applications on voice data, further extends the platform’s functionality, allowing for the summarization and interpretation of speech in innovative ways. Designed to handle enterprise-scale workloads, AssemblyAI ensures high uptime and compliance with rigorous security standards, making it a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage AI for enhanced audio and speech processing.

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