Interior AI

Interior AI revolutionizes the realm of digital interior design, offering a virtual staging app that harnesses artificial intelligence to transform photos of your space into a variety of styles. With the world’s first AI interior designer at your fingertips, you can upload images of your rooms and reimagine them in styles ranging from modern to minimalist, Scandinavian to bohemian, or even in festive themes like Christmas or Halloween. The platform provides different modes such as Virtual Staging, which respects the room’s original structure, and Interior Design, which allows for more creative freedom. For those seeking a more unique experience, the Freestyle mode generates designs without needing an image, and a 360° panorama feature is available in beta. High-quality, private renders are available for Pro users, ensuring a personalized and exclusive design experience. Interior AI also offers an affiliate program, inviting users to earn commissions, thereby integrating community and commerce within the sphere of interior design innovation.

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