Auphonic is an advanced audio post-production web tool designed to automate and simplify the process of achieving professional-quality sound. It offers a suite of features including an Intelligent Leveler that balances levels between speakers, music, and speech without the need for compressor knowledge, and Noise & Reverb Reduction to remove static or fast-changing noises while deciding whether to keep or eliminate music. The Filtering & AutoEQ feature removes unwanted frequencies and sibilance, creating a clear, warm sound, while the ability to Cut Filler Words and Silence helps in cleaning up the audio. Auphonic’s Multitrack Algorithms process multiple tracks for an optimized mixdown, featuring automatic ducking, noise gate, and crosstalk removal. It adheres to Loudness Specifications for consistency across files and compliance with audio specs, and offers Speech2Text & Automatic Shownotes for multilingual speech-to-text conversion with auto-generated shownotes and chapters. Video support is also provided, with enhanced audio or video podcasts, chapters, and waveform audiograms. Auphonic’s Automated Workflows & API Integrations facilitate automatic content deployment to multiple platforms and use common file transfer services to streamline the process. Watch Folders, Zapier, and API integration allow for seamless service integration into existing workflows and applications, with options for White Label API and customization for direct integration into digital audio workstations and other products.

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