Dream Textures

Dream Textures is an innovative tool integrated into Blender that leverages the Stable Diffusion model to create detailed textures and concept art from simple text prompts. It offers a ‘Seamless’ option for generating textures without visible seams, perfect for tiling across surfaces. Users can texture entire scenes with ‘Project Dream Texture’ which adds depth to images, and even re-style animations using the Cycles render pass. The tool is capable of running models on local machines, allowing for quick iterations without service slowdowns. It supports AI upscaling to enhance low-resolution images, and maintains a history feature for recalling, exporting, and importing previous work. Dream Textures is compatible with CUDA and Apple Silicon GPUs, recommending over 4GB of VRAM for optimal performance. For those with unsupported hardware, cloud processing via DreamStudio is available. The tool is open-source, inviting contributions and troubleshooting through its community and Discord server.


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