Scenario is an innovative AI tool designed for game developers, offering a suite of features to craft unique and style-consistent game assets with custom-trained AI models. It provides the ultimate control over AI with the ability to train and deploy models that are fully controllable and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. With Scenario, studios can shatter development time by creating IP-perfect game assets in seconds, streamline workflows across all stages of development, and unlock cross-platform AI capabilities. The tool’s advanced features, such as Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting, allow for precise adjustments to outputs, ensuring that the generated assets align perfectly with the game’s art direction. Scenario’s API-first approach allows for easy integration into design software, game engines like Unity, or directly within games, facilitating the deployment of custom AI generators to teams or players. This empowers both creators and players to build immersive worlds with assets that are consistent with the game’s aesthetic, revolutionizing the gaming landscape with personalized player experiences and limitless creativity.

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