Marketing Mega-Prompts

The AI tool at offers a curated collection of 65 Marketing Mega-Prompts designed to supercharge the marketing efforts of solopreneurs. These prompts are crafted to assist in generating a comprehensive marketing strategy, enhancing landing pages, and creating compelling content efficiently. The tool promises to streamline the marketing process by providing prompts that can be quickly copied and personalized, potentially saving solopreneurs over 10 hours each month. The prompts cover a wide range of marketing needs, from defining a marketing strategy, brainstorming ideas, receiving honest feedback, to outsourcing mundane tasks. positions these prompts as a way to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities to the fullest, acting as a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to improve marketing round the clock. The service is presented as a one-time purchase with lifetime access, including future updates, and is tailored specifically to the needs of solopreneurs in 2023.

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