Passed AI

Passed.AI is a comprehensive tool designed for educators to ensure academic integrity in the age of AI-generated content. It offers a unique blend of features including AI content detection, plagiarism checking, and detailed document audits. The AI detection capability is powered by advanced algorithms to discern between AI-generated and human-written text, crucial in maintaining the authenticity of student work. The plagiarism detection feature is equally robust, identifying non-cited passages and promoting proper citation practices. Passed.AI provides a document audit service that delves deep into the writing process of students, offering insights like AI reliance assessment, paste-ins analysis, and revision tracking. This tool also includes a Replay Tool for educators to visually review the creation process of a document, enhancing their understanding of a student’s effort and writing flow. Overall, Passed.AI stands out as a vital resource for educators in guiding students towards responsible AI usage and upholding academic standards.


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