Maastr is an innovative AI-powered audio mastering platform designed to elevate the sound quality of music tracks with speed and precision. It is a tool that caters to both musicians and sound engineers, offering a streamlined process for achieving professionally mastered audio. With Maastr, users can upload their audio files and let the AI, formulated by world-renowned sound engineers, refine their sound to produce a fully mastered track in minutes. The platform facilitates collaboration by allowing users to collect feedback easily and iterate on their work, storing every version in one place for convenient access and comparison. Maastr stands out for its ability to centralize communication, enabling users to collate feedback and make necessary adjustments with ease. It is built by sound engineers for sound engineers, aiming to improve communication with musicians and deliver beautiful mixes instantly. For musicians, Maastr eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming professional mastering services, providing exquisite mastering quality at the click of a button, thus embodying its motto of world-class mastering in minutes.

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