Wondercraft AI

Wondercraft AI revolutionizes podcast creation by offering an end-to-end podcast builder that transforms existing content into engaging audio experiences. With hyper-realistic AI voices, users can convert text to audio effortlessly or even clone their own voices for a personalized touch. The platform provides hosting services, allowing direct publishing to Spotify, Apple, and more, without the need for separate hosting. Script generation is made easy with custom language models that draft podcast scripts complete with intros and outros. Show notes with timestamped segments and transcripts are readily available, enhancing SEO potential. Video content creation is also a feature, enabling users to generate short clips or full episodes ready for YouTube. Translation services are available in 28 languages, broadening the audience reach. Wondercraft AI caters to a diverse clientele, including businesses, publishers, educators, and podcast studios, offering a unique blend of efficiency and creativity for podcast production.


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