3DFY.ai is a transformative AI-powered platform that specializes in generating high-quality 3D models from text descriptions and 2D images, catering to both individual creativity and business needs for mass 3D model generation. The platform’s proprietary 3D generation pipeline is designed to produce models that meet high-quality standards without compromising on scale, thanks to automation that eliminates the need for human labor. This enables the creation of large datasets of digital items or the transformation of textual prompts into 3D virtual objects efficiently and automatically. 3DFY.ai offers a range of services including a text-to-3D web service for individual creators, an API for enterprise integrations, and a massive 3D dataset generation service for enterprise customers. The platform is preparing to launch an image-to-3D service, further expanding its capabilities to support online retail, gaming, AR/VR ecosystems, and simulations for robotics and autonomous vehicles, making it a comprehensive solution for entering the three-dimensional digital realm.


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