Stable Diffusion UIs

Stable Diffusion UIs


StableSwarmUI is a modular web-user-interface designed for Stable Diffusion, focusing on providing power tools that are easily accessible, ensuring high performance, and offering extensive extensibility options. This alpha-stage project caters to power users and developers, offering basic functionalities while still developing a range of core features and smoothing out existing

Stable Diffusion UIs

Easy Diffusion

Easy Diffusion v3 is a user-friendly iteration of Stable Diffusion, a leading open-source text-to-image AI software, designed for effortless installation and use, requiring no dependencies or technical knowledge. This tool simplifies the process of creating stunning AI-generated images through a one-click installation that includes all necessary software components and a

AI Resources


The “Automatic” AI tool by Vlad Mandic, available on GitHub, is a versatile and powerful solution that encompasses a wide range of features for various applications. This robust tool combines computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to offer capabilities such as object detection, facial recognition, emotion analysis, and

AI Image & Art Generators


Rundiffusion is a versatile AI tool that redefines content creation with its remarkable features. This powerful platform offers a wide range of capabilities, from generating captivating text content to crafting eye-catching visuals. With Rundiffusion, users can effortlessly create engaging articles, blog posts, or product descriptions by simply providing a topic

AI Image & Art Generators


Tensor.Art is a revolutionary AI tool that pushes the boundaries of creativity and design. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, it offers a versatile platform for artists and designers. With an intuitive interface, users can effortlessly create stunning digital art, ranging from intricate illustrations to abstract compositions. Tensor.Art distinguishes itself

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