StableSwarmUI is a modular web-user-interface designed for Stable Diffusion, focusing on providing power tools that are easily accessible, ensuring high performance, and offering extensive extensibility options. This alpha-stage project caters to power users and developers, offering basic functionalities while still developing a range of core features and smoothing out existing bugs. It allows for a ‘swarm’ of GPUs to generate images simultaneously for a user, especially beneficial for large grid generations. The installation process varies across Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, with detailed instructions provided for each. For Mac users, it’s pertinent to note that StableSwarmUI is compatible only with M1 or M2 silicon processors. Docker users can also utilize the tool, with specific instructions for forwarding Nvidia GPUs. The project is open for contributions and encourages community engagement through GitHub or Discord. It’s licensed under the PolyForm Noncommercial License, allowing personal use while restricting commercial applications.

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