Large Language Models

Large Language Models


ChatGLM-6B emerges as a cutting-edge bilingual conversational language model, boasting a robust 6.2 billion parameters and built on the General Language Model (GLM) architecture. This model, adept at both Chinese and English, is fine-tuned for dialogue and question-answering tasks, ensuring smooth and contextually relevant interactions. Its training on a massive

Large Language Models


WizardLM is an advanced suite of large language models (LLMs) developed to enhance the ability of AI to follow complex instructions across various domains, including natural language processing, code generation, and mathematical reasoning. The project encompasses several specialized models such as WizardCoder for programming tasks and WizardMath for mathematical problems,

Large Language Models


Fuyu-8B, developed by Adept AI, is a multi-modal transformer model that stands out for its simplicity and speed, capable of understanding and generating text based on both textual and visual inputs. Unlike other multi-modal models, Fuyu-8B uses a vanilla decoder-only transformer architecture without an image encoder, allowing it to handle

Large Language Models

Code Llama

CodeLlama, developed by Facebook Research, represents a leap forward in AI-driven coding assistance, offering a suite of large language models specifically fine-tuned for coding tasks. With models ranging from 7B to 34B parameters, CodeLlama provides state-of-the-art performance, supporting large input contexts and demonstrating a remarkable zero-shot instruction-following ability for programming

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Falcon 180B

Tiiuae’s Falcon-180B, hosted on Hugging Face, is a cutting-edge AI model that revolutionizes natural language processing and understanding. With an enormous 180 billion parameters, it offers unparalleled capabilities for a wide range of language-related tasks. Whether you’re looking to generate human-like text, translate languages, answer complex questions, or analyze sentiment,

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Stable Beluga 2

StableBeluga2 by Hugging Face is an exceptional AI tool that offers a wide array of features to enhance natural language processing tasks. This versatile model boasts state-of-the-art capabilities, including text generation, translation, sentiment analysis, and question answering, making it a valuable resource for developers, researchers, and businesses seeking advanced language

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LLama 2’s Llama is a groundbreaking AI tool that empowers businesses with a wide range of features for data analysis and decision-making. Llama offers advanced natural language processing capabilities, enabling users to extract valuable insights from unstructured text data with precision and speed. Its sentiment analysis feature provides real-time sentiment tracking

AI Developer Tools


Replicate is a cutting-edge AI tool that streamlines and enhances the data engineering process. With its powerful features, it simplifies data integration, transformation, and orchestration, allowing organizations to efficiently manage their data pipelines. Replicate enables users to connect to various data sources, including databases, cloud storage, and APIs, making data

AI Chatbots


FastChat is a versatile AI tool that offers a wide range of features for efficient and effective communication. It enables natural language understanding and generation, making it perfect for chatbots and virtual assistants. FastChat supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. It also provides easy integration with

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