Code Llama

CodeLlama, developed by Facebook Research, represents a leap forward in AI-driven coding assistance, offering a suite of large language models specifically fine-tuned for coding tasks. With models ranging from 7B to 34B parameters, CodeLlama provides state-of-the-art performance, supporting large input contexts and demonstrating a remarkable zero-shot instruction-following ability for programming tasks. The models, which include foundation models, Python specializations, and instruction-following models, are trained on sequences of up to 16k tokens and can handle inputs as large as 100k tokens. The 7B and 13B variants also feature code infilling capabilities, allowing them to intelligently complete code based on surrounding context. CodeLlama is a product of fine-tuning the Llama 2 model with a higher sampling of code, incorporating significant safety mitigations. This repository offers a minimal example to load and run inference with CodeLlama models, making it a valuable resource for individuals, creators, researchers, and businesses looking to harness the power of AI for coding.

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