Fuyu-8B, developed by Adept AI, is a multi-modal transformer model that stands out for its simplicity and speed, capable of understanding and generating text based on both textual and visual inputs. Unlike other multi-modal models, Fuyu-8B uses a vanilla decoder-only transformer architecture without an image encoder, allowing it to handle arbitrary image resolutions and bypassing the need for separate high and low-resolution training stages. It’s particularly designed for digital agents, capable of answering questions about graphs, diagrams, and UI-based queries, and performing fine-grained localization on screen images. The model excels in standard image understanding benchmarks and is optimized for fast response times, with large images processed in under 100 milliseconds. Although it’s released as a base model, Fuyu-8B is responsive to few-shot learning and fine-tuning for various use cases, including verbose captioning and multimodal chat, making it a versatile tool for researchers and developers in the field of computer control and digital agents.


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