WizardLM is an advanced suite of large language models (LLMs) developed to enhance the ability of AI to follow complex instructions across various domains, including natural language processing, code generation, and mathematical reasoning. The project encompasses several specialized models such as WizardCoder for programming tasks and WizardMath for mathematical problems, with model sizes ranging from 1 billion to 70 billion parameters. These models are trained using a novel method called Evol-Instruct, which employs LLMs to automatically generate a diverse range of instructions to improve model performance. WizardLM models have demonstrated exceptional capabilities, outperforming other LLMs on benchmarks like HumanEval for code and GSM8k for math, showcasing their potential to assist and automate complex cognitive tasks. The GitHub repository provides access to model checkpoints, papers, and demo links, inviting collaboration and feedback from the community to further refine the models. With a focus on academic research, WizardLM is poised to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI-driven instruction following and problem-solving.


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